Liz Fossum’s Doll Clothes

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I am a nurse by trade and have worked mostly inn the critical care field for 46 years. I started sewing when I was 8 years old with an all metal, no bobbin child’s sewing machine (Hand Wheel). I started designing and sewing Barbie Doll Dresses because we couldn’t afford store bought clothes. By the age of 10 my Grandma helped me sew, and I started altering my clothes on a real Singer Sewing Machine. I was tall and thin; needless to say, nothing ever fit. In high school I took sewing classes and started making dresses for friends’ formals and cheerleading outfits to make money. Of course, I was still sewing for myself. I made my own wedding and brides maid dresses. During pregnancy I started making newborn, infant and children clothes. Our first child was a girl, and I was in heaven because I could sew girly dresses with ruffles and frills. I did some outside sewing for friends – 3 brides wedding and brides maid dresses. My daughter was in theater in high school for 2 years, so I volunteered to do the sewing for their costumes for 8 productions. After the children went away to college, I needed something to do. I had all these fabric remnants from years of sewing, so I decided to start sewing Barbie Doll Dresses again. Needles to say, I accumulated quite a lot of dresses. What was I going to do with all these dresses? Our school system had a DARE program (a program for drugs, drinking and driving awareness) and they were marketing a craft fair to raise monies for this fair program. So I entered this craft fair and sold Barbie Doll Dresses. After a couple of years, the American Doll came to be. My nieces wanted some doll dresses for these dolls so I started sewing 1800 century dresses with hats. Of course, this was a great opportunity to add them to the craft fair. I have been involved with this program for over 19 years until we moved here one year ago. Then I met Brenda and FACS. I have been with FACS a little over 6 months.