JCL Metals

JCL Metals

JCL Metals is a family owned business specializing in custom metal signs.  The family of four (Dad-Jason, Mom-Lora, Daughter-Abby, & Son-Wade) are involved in the very hands on process of completing each sign.  This company purchases cold rolled steel, then everything else is done at the family residence in Moss, TN.  Every sign that is cut by JCL Metals is designed, programmed, cut, belt sanded, brush sanded, cleaned, and transported by the family members.  JCL Metals owns a CNC Plasma Machine and this is what cuts the metal.  Each sign is run through a belt sander and a brush sander (sometimes each sign takes multiple trips through these machines).  After sanding each sign is sprayed down with a cleaning solution and then wiped down by hand.

Our business began in late fall of 2014, Jason had used a CNC Plasma Machine as part of the vocational agricultural education program at Clay County High School.  As a vocational teacher Jason used the machine to train students for possible jobs as CNC operators and the signs made at the school were sold to raise money for the local FFA Chapter.  Jason told Lora many times that he was being interrupted multiple times each day with phone calls from people wanting things cut on the CNC Plasma Machine, Jason suggested that they buy a CNC Plasma Machine.  Lora had to be persuaded to invest in the machine, but after that investment she soon realized how this machine was going to change their family’s life.

The metal business has expanded and currently JCL Metals has booths in four different locations in Tennessee (FACS in Crossville; Broadway Boutique in Cookeville; Sweet Tea and Shopping, Goodlettsville; Lebanon Antique Mall and General Store in Lebanon.  JCL Metals is scheduled to be vendors in over twenty craft shows.

The family business has been a wonderful experience.  All of the time Jason, Lora, Abby, and Wade spend together crafting these signs become wonderful memories (some memories not so great:  sore muscles or working until 2:00a.m., but the bad memories are outweighed by the good memories).  The CNC Plasma Machine makes the craft look easy but it is very labor intensive and very dirty work.  During the months of October, November, and December, Abby & Wade (students in Clay County Schools) are either at school or working for JCL Metals roughly fourteen hours a days; Jason and Lora are either at their full time job (Jason is the campus coordinator @ TCAT extension campus in Red Boiling Springs, TN – Lora is a Pre-K Teacher @ Celina K-8 in Celina, TN) or working for JCL Metals roughly eighteen hours a day.  The business can become very tiring but the rewards it brings are enjoyed by every member of the family.  Through the business the Coons family has meet many wonderful people and some of these have become close friends.

If you are interested in purchasing a metal sign, please contact Jason: 931.397.5251 or Lora: 931.397.4251

email:  jclmetals@yahoo.com

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