Sports Collectibles

Bob Wyrick grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina where they had a New York Yankees minor league team. While it was only Class D, it was still part of the Yankees. As a young boy he became a Yankee fan for life. As he grew, he acquired a love of the game of baseball and its history. He started collecting cards for his personal collection and over the years it grew to trading, buying and selling. He had the same misfortune as many of you, his mother threw away his cards although she says she didn’t.  In his 20’s he started over and now for over 45 years he has been involved in the sports memorabilia collecting / selling business. He originally opened This Old Glove to become the leading source of genuine sports collectibles. This Old Glove is still open for business for on-line sales with Framing + Art & Supplies (FACS) offering a physical location for many of the 100% certified authentic sports collectibles along with other sports related items.