Ardee Crystal Visions

Rhonda Dexter and Brett LeSeuer make up the crafts of Ardee Chrystal VIsions. Below are their bios.

Hello I am Rhonda Dexter, aka Ardee of Tennessee.  I was asked to tell a bit about what I do. I get inspiration for my burnings everywhere.  I particularly love to burn animals.  I am striving to improve technique all the time.  I am self taught and hand draw all the things I do directly onto the wood with pencil.   I then use a Colwood burning tool to burn the patterns into the wood at the desired depth and width of stroke, using various interchangeable tips.  I have burned now for about 12 years starting with a soldering iron and a piece of pallet wood, and a Tasmanian Devil from Warner Brothers fame.  I started to sell my items after I realized I had gifted all my friends and family many things and was building up quite a stock of items.  I enjoy creating and love the clean lines of pencil drawings and soft washes of water color.  So I make them my own with my pyrography.   I hope you will come out and enjoy Christmas in July on July 30th, 2022. I will be demonstrating live how to do the things I do.  See you there!!

Hello, I am Brett LeSueur of Crystal Vision Jewelry.  I may have been totally blind for 24+ years but my God allows me to be very active and use my talents.  I am able with the help of family and friends to identify colors of the stones and beads I use in my jewelry using special markers.  I have done this since 2013 and have sold my jewelry nationwide.  I create the jewelry using my memory of what colors look like and my sense of touch.  I love jewelry and it makes me happy to create for you.  

    I am also an Elvis Tribute artist with performance experience in many places including Las Vegas, Cruise Ships in the Caribbean and with my three performances this August at Elvis week in Memphis it will be 7 years performing for Elvis Presley Enterprises in Memphis.  I have done this to the Glory of God to bring a smile to my face and yours.  I will be performing at FACS for Christmas in July on July 30th,  2022. Three performances starting at 11, then one at 1pm and one at 3pm CST.  Please come join us and view all the lovely crafts and art supplies there on site.  

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