We had a wonderful time with Tristina Dietz-Elmes from Pebeo the first of May! I am still reeling from all the information she shared about the fabulous Pebeo paints. One of the most important things I learned is that Pebeo paints are professional grade quality at student grade price. The history of Pebeo paints is something else very interesting. Just knowing that they have been developing quality paints for over 100 years and have a great working relationship with some of the finest product materials in the world. Did you know that they might be the only company that has the same price for all the colors of their lines? Most companies charge different amounts based on the pigments. I like this idea!

 On June 24th the store is still planning a Demo Day where many of the craftspeople who rent space in our store will be demoing how they create their wonderful and unique crafts. Sometimes they are not able to actually demonstrate their craft, but most will be in the store to discuss their creations. Two have already agreed to demo that day: Cutter who cuts those amazing designs from coins and one of our newest crafters, Jean Corbett, who does some simply beautiful work with Alcohol Inks on tile and metal in addition to many other mixed media articles.

 Then we have had to cancel our fun-loving and creative instructor, John Creighton Petersen from WA who had planned to be here Friday, July 7 through Sunday, July 9. There was just not enough interest in his classes. Yes! They were pricey, but if you consider the expense he has to come here with all the products and materials he would have to ship, then the price was not extravagant! Those who met him in 2015 and I will certainly miss him. And those who would have met him would have been left with a creative experience that would not be soon forgotten. 

 But we are moving along with the planning phase for our Christmas Extravaganza event on August 19. We have a few instructors lined up to teach you some easy Christmas gifts you can make along with some simple and beautiful Christmas cards in plenty of time for the holidays. This day of classes will be split into 2 parts – Card-making and Gift-making. There will be a lunch in between for those wanting to take advantage of the whole day. Theresa Hunter-Snow,  Jean Corbett, and possibly Mikal Ullius (Lady Mike) will be teaching in the Gift-making portion of the day. Lorraine Revalee and Brenda Preuss will be teaching in the Card-making portion. These are the tentative plans as of this moment, but changes may need to be made. 

Be sure to check out our Class Schedule page to register and pre-pay for the many class selections. In addition to the current offerings, we will have some more classes from Sandra Hall (possibly another Intro to Bible Journaling and maybe a Gelatos class) and from a new instructor who will teach making wire wrapped jewelry. So check into the Class Schedule as often as you can.

I hope all of you had a relaxing day yesterday on Memorial Day! And for all those who have served in our armed services, I thank you so very much for the service that you and your family gave.