We had such fun at the Christmas Extravaganza! I plan to include some of the written comments as I receive them, but all the verbal comments were great. We are so glad that everyone enjoyed the class. So should we have it again next year? In a few days we should have a Photo Gallery established on this site and we’ll include some of the pictures taken at the event. Unfortunately, I was the “official” photographer so I often forgot  to take pictures. The only thing I missed was listening to the music of Ann Looney’s piano students. Our class ran over the time so the children played while we were finishing up the cards. They sure sounded great when I was able to sneak out, and I really thank them for coming and performing.

In addition to the Photo Gallery, our web designer has been busy adding loads of pictures to the Artist and Crafters Page. We have tried to get many pictures of each of our vendors so you can see some of their creations up close, if not in person. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for those soon to be needed Christmas gifts.

Have you seen all the puzzles in the window? Oh, my goodness! If you cannot find something you would love to put together, I would be amazed! There’s a huge collection!

As I mentioned before, for those of you who love the music of Marty Gibson and the Revelations Band, we have their latest CD in the store. It is called Maker’s Dozen. All songs are written, produced and arranged by Marty and Nancy Winn. The vocalists on the CD are Melissa Clyde, Terri Utsey, Nancy Winn and Marty Gibson. The instrumentalists are Annetta Deck, Wade England, Chet Hayes, David Odegaard, and Marty Gibson. This is a wonderful Christian music CD with original praise and worship music based on The Word. There is a mix of different genres with original arrangements of traditional hymn tunes to keep things interesting and fun. Come get your copy now!

Be sure to check out our Class Schedule page to register and pre-pay for the many class selections. We continue to add new class content and instructors. If you would like a specific class, let us know, and we’ll do out best to find an instructor.