FACS Artists and Crafters

Framing + Art & Craft Supplies offers an affordable and accessible place to display and sell locally made handcrafted items. We are proud to showcase many very talented artisans from the area. If you think your crafted items might be a good fit for FACS, we have a couple of spaces available. Bring a sample of your craft to the store after scheduling a visit with either Bob or Brenda by calling (931) 210-5599.

Ms. Eileen’s Creative Lighting
JCL Metals
Tennessee Made
Tree’s Quilling
Design Accents
Jean Corbett’s Art
HBouchie’s Pipes
Carole Cullen’s Art
Cutter’s Coins
Lady Mike’s Art & Jewelry
Maggie’s Wood Decor
Bill Atchison’s Wooden Pens


Busy B’s

Nana Paddy’s Decor

Grant Moss’ Wood Carvings

Larry Potter’s Painted Feathers

Robert Dorris’ Leather Goods

Deb’s Craft-n-Crap

Lowell Griffith’s Artwork


Encar Jovellar’s Art


Glenda Galloway’s Country Creations

Gibson & Winn Productions